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ORC European Championship

2020 ORC European Championship
2020 ORC European Championship

Following the postponement of the 2020 edition due to Covid last May, in agreement with ORC the European Championship was postponed to 13-20 May 2021.

The new setup of the ROLEX Capri Sailing Week allows ORC boats to race in a separate week than the maxis, thus allowing to increase the mooring places available in Capri and to raise the maximum number of entries to 100 ORC yachts.

All yachts whose entry was not withdrawn from the 2020 edition will be registered as final, while new entries will be pre-registered until March 1st when the list of 100 yachts allowed to enter the championship will be posted.

The 2021 ORC European Championship will open with the 150 miles offshore race represented by the 66th Regata dei Tre Golfi, starting from Naples on Saturday, May 15, and arriving in Capri where inshore races will take place until Thursday, May 18.

The Offshore Sailing European Championship will be held in Naples and Capri (Italy) from May 15th to 22nd.
The Event includes one offshore race, which coincides with the 66th Regata dei Tre Golfi, and three days of windward/leeward races in the waters around Capri island.

The Regatta is open to all boats with valid ORC International certificate with 8.6 < CDL<= 16.5.
The flotation date on an ORC International Certificate shall not be earlier than May 10th 2015.

Classes are defined by the CDL as follows:
Class A: 16.500 >= CDL > 11.620
Class B: 11.620 >= CDL >   9.800
Class C: 9.800 >= CDL >   8.600

Due to the limited number of moorings available in the Capri Marina, the maximum number of entries amongst all classes is 70.
In addition the maximum number of boats per country in each class is 30.

Eligible boats may pre-register from Friday, November 15th until Sunday, March 1st 2020 by completing the online registration form on this website.

Please read carefully the Notice of the Race


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