Where to stay in capri

Please find hereafter the list of participating hotels that offer a 10% discount.

  1. HOTEL LUNA **** Capri Centro –  Website – direzione@lunahotel.com
    rif. Sig. Gianfranco – tel. +390818370433
  1. HOTEL LA FLORIDIANA **** Websiteinfo@lafloridiana-capri.com
    rif. Sig.ra Simona – tel. +390818370166
  1. HOTEL LA RESIDENZA**** Capri Centro Websiteinfo@laresidenzacapri.com
    rif. Dir. Ranieri – tel. +390818370833
  1. HOTEL PALATIUM MARI*** Capri Marina Grande Websiteinfo@palatiummaricapri.it
    Rif. Sig. Sandro – tel. +390818378068
  1. HOTEL BELVEDERE E TRE TRE** Capri Marina Grande Websiteinfo@belvedere-tre-re.com
    rif. Sigg.ri Costanzo e Francesco – tel. +390818370345
  1. HOTEL SAN MICHELE**** Anacapri Website – smichele@capri.it
    rif. Sig. Massimo – tel. +390818371427
  1. B&B MAISONCAPRI– Capri Marina Grande Websitefortinocapri@gmail.com
    rif. Sig+39. Giuseppe tel .+393474401939 (discount code: rolex19)
  1. B&B CAPRI MY HOUSE– Anacapri caprimyhouse@gmail.com 
    rif. Sig.ra Giusy +393331688965
  1. ARCHITETTO ROBERTO FARAVELLI – B&B Agency Capri & Anacapri – rfaprog@tin.it
    rif Sig. Roberto +393356640151
  1. MR. COSTANZO – B&B AGENCY Capri & Anacapri – mrcostanzo.capri@gmail.com 
    rif. Sig. Michele +393393603711
  1. HOTEL AL MULINO– Anacapri – mulino@capri.it 
    rif. Sig.ra Simona +390818382084

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  • Good afternoon,

    I am in charge of the Swan 601 Lorina, and we are planning on coming for the RCSW 2018.
    As we are 14 crew, I am looking for hotels, apartments, villas (affordable) for the event.
    Could you recommend something?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Kind Regards,

    Benjamin ENON

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