The suit doesn’t make the man

There are about 140 boats from all over the world and 1500 people on the banks of Naples and Capri.  The Regatta is growing, and with it the knowledge of being the event that opens the Mediterranean sailing season.

It’s a winning formula, but these demanding numbers will soon call for a change in how things are done. Marino Lembo already has an idea in mind (p.xx) His Yacht Club Capri will celebrate 20 years, and the Tre Golfi 65 years: they are two important anniversaries, two beautiful stories that prove following along the lines of tradition even in an ever-evolving context is still the best recipe for success.

This age-old tradition is especially notable in the Circolo Italia and in the Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia that supports it in the Neapolitan event. On these occasions, the rules, of which these Clubs are still guardian, are often ignored. For example, the opening of the buffet transforms into an assault on diligence and dress code… well, let’s say that practicality wins hands down over elegance.

Certainly, for an ancient association to renew itself is a must, just as it is a must to respect the habits of those who are hosting you. Without exaggerating of course, like that shipowner in white trousers (good), black shoes (not so good), blazer with a crest and burgee on the buttonhole, tie and pochette decorated with small flags. Even the socks had the colors of his yacht club.

Because a Full Dress hoisted on a yacht club member instead of on a ship doesn’t make him a sailor, just as collecting a prize in shorts and sandals doesn’t transform a sailor in a champion.

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